Goteo #158: Culture and social impact are our core📌

As you know, the past 6th November we launched #GoteoCultureMakers, a communication campaign to make visible several cultural projects, funded at Goteo.org, which are leaving its marks in Barcelona. In this post you will find more details about the campaign and some testimonies and images we have been sharing through our social networks.

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Zorionak Gipuzkoa! 👏

We are just closed the matchfunding call META! 2018 with excellent results. Here are some:

  • 14 fundend projects
  • success rate of 93.33%
  • a total of 147.619€ distributed

Keep in mind that of the total amount achieved, 77.619€ came from citizens donations, while 70.000€ came from the Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa as matchfunding. This is the third year META! supports and multiplicates kulture. Congratulations to all those people who are making a more creative and inclusive Gipuzkoa possible! 💪

¿What's next?🔜

Next week we will receive the visit of Semillero de ideas people, a program by Zaragoza Activa which provides entrepreneurs with an innovative training for developing their own projects. During their social impact Road Camp throughout many Spanish cities, they will visit us at our office in Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, in order to chat about civic crowdfunding and matchfunding according to Goteo.

Furthermore, we will take part in the open debate of Cultura Viva , for the presentation of the reasearch "A new economy for a new culture: transformative economic and cultural innovations in Barcelona", made by a team of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

By the way, independent journalism keep on making a difference on our platform! A campaign (#PorTodas) has just passed to the second round, with more than 84.000€ collected until now, and another one (Maldita.es) has just been published and it has already achieved more than 8.000€ in less of 24 hours.

To the next fortnight! Keep on finding out and supporting these amazing Goteos💦:

Vamos polo Primário!
By: Semente Trasancos
Vamos polo Primário!
Categories: Educational
Somos a iniciativa comunitária que está a criar** centros de imersom lingüística na Galiza**, para garantir que as nossas crianças podam crescer na nossa língua, em liberdade e com atençom aos próprios processos de aprendizagem. Em Trasancos levamos funcionando três anos e na atualidade temos 20 crianças que assistem ao espaço diário. Depois de termos criado, nos últimos anos, 5 escolas de Educaçom Infantil na Galiza (Lugo, Compostela- 2- Trasancos e Vigo), e 1 de Primário...
Co-financing: Minimum € 35.000 _ Optimum € 60.000
Remaining: 24 days
Fungi natur. Cultivo artesanal de setas en el bosque
By: fungi natur
Fungi natur. Cultivo artesanal de setas en el bosque
Categories: Ecological
Beginning in 2016, we have been growing mushrooms in a little forest in Asturias (North-west Spain). We mainly grow shiitake mushrooms using a traditional japanese method, based on the natural conidtions and substrates where mushrooms grow in nature. These mushrooms grow in high-humidity areas under the shade of the forest canopy. Mushrooms cultivated this way are high quality and sustainable. Our shiitake mushrooms are inoculated in oak logs that have been obtained from a selective cull...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.000 _ Optimum € 18.000
Remaining: 24 days
By: ACTYVA S. Coop.
Categories: Commercial
**ACTYVA S. Coop., the integral co-operative from the southwest of Spain**, is an open tool to revitalise the **local economy**, support the **social undertaking**, the critical consumption and the cooperative principles of **mutual aid**, taking part in the global network of integral co-operatives. With this campaign, ACTYVA is looking for creating **new tools** arranged to the development wich is undergone by the co-operative, achieving thus **to guarantee the sustainability** that...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.327 _ Optimum € 11.841
Remaining: 9 days
Primer Encuentro de Rap Originario
By: Encuentro de Rap Originario
Primer Encuentro de Rap Originario
Categories: Cultural
***El Primer Encuentro de Rap Originario "Honrando la Palabra" es una convocatoria que se realiza a proyectos dedicados a la música, en particular, al Rap. Estos proyectos tienen la característica de pertenecer a Territorios ocupados históricamente por Pueblos Originarios y que, en varios casos, además son hablantes de la lengua originaria de sus pueblos*** Este Encuentro se desarrollará el 9, 10 y 11 de noviembre del presente año, en las instalaciones del CIDECI - Unitierra de San...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.660 _ Optimum € 6.985
Remaining: 11 days
El Arenero
By: El Arenero
El Arenero
El Arenero es una asociación cultural y pedagógica que nace en 2013 con el objetivo de construir un modelo de crianza alternativo basado, por un lado, en** favorecer el crecimiento de los niños y niñas** desde el acompañamiento y el respeto por la singularidad de cada una ; y, por otro lado, en la **construcción de una red de cuidados** hacia dentro y hacia afuera de la comunidad educativa, que desafíe la individualización de la vida. El Arenero es, así, una fórmula no solo...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.000 _ Optimum € 7.645
Remaining: 4 days
Educación y Sostenibilidad de Escuela en Kenia
By: Everywhere Schools
Educación y Sostenibilidad de Escuela en Kenia
Categories: Educational
In EveryWhere Schools (EWS), an education in emergencies NGO, we want all children to learn, discover, have fun and grow in the best conditions, especially in those places where education is difficult to access, as it happens in Molo, Kenya. Therefore, the EveryWhere Schools (EWS) team wishes to implement an educational project in the Shakinah Primary School community school which is in a precarious situation. This center, which opened its doors in 2012 in the village of Kibunja, is located...
Co-financing: Minimum € 6.855 _ Optimum € 16.955
Remaining: 24 days
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